Peak Physique & Fitness Gym - Hitchin

Friday, Sunday & Monday : 9am - 4pm
Saturday : 8am to 6pm


no need to take a contract
(Unless you want to save money!)

If you are interested in joining our new amazing gym, then drop in or send us your details & any questions & we will contact you shortly.

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At Peak Physique & Fitness Gym, we want to work with you, to make a better you!

Peak Physique & Fitness is a new gym in Hitchin, Hertfordshire that caters for anyone that wants to improve or maintain their physique, general health & lifestyle. The gym features specific weight training areas, cardio workout, separate womens training area, classes & equipment for all stages of fitness, as well as experienced and friendly staff.

studio classes - Ladies only & mixed









Legs Bums & Tums - 45mins

Ladies Only







Pilates - 45mins








Gemma Williams Posing – 2hrs

12:00pmLadies Only




10:00amLadies Only



Bikini Body - 45mins


6:00pmLadies Only






Circuits - 45mins








Bop n Burn- 45mins






6:00pmLadies Only


Elastic Fantastic- 45mins








All classes £3.50 to members & £5 to non-members


  • Legs Bums & Tums
    Led by Alex

    • This classic class is designed to target  problem areas & add tone & shape to muscle groups so you look & feel great in your leggings & jeans.
  • Pilates
    Led by Alex

    • The 'Little Black Dress Workout'  class that focuses on postural & core muscles. In this class you'll learn a series of exercises & stretches that re-educate the abdominal & waist areas.
  • Posing
    Led by Gemma
    • Learn to pose with a International Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness (IFBB) Bikini Pro, Gemma Williams. Learn Stage presentation, T-Walks & styling, posing for bikini, bodyfitness & figure.
  • Bikini Body
    Led by Ez

    • Melt fat, flatten abs & sculpt that toned physique before bikini season arrives!
  • circuits
    Led by Ez

    • Classic, fast paced multi–exercise class designed to burn fat & improve stamina, strength & mobility.

  • bop 'n' burn
    Led by Ez

    • Have fun while you sweat! Fun gentle, fat-melting to music. ( If you have no rhythm, this is the place to come & find it.)

  • elastic fantastic
    Led by Ez

    • An often overlooked but essential component to physical fitness is stretching; without it, muscles can stick together, & are more prone to injury. Take this class to soothe, lengthen & strengthen muscles.
  • insanity workout
    Led by TBA

    • Starting in April. Max interval training system to shed fat, improve fitness, core strength & cardiovascular ability.