Peak Physique & Fitness Gym - Hitchin


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If you are interested in joining our new amazing gym, then drop in or send us your details & any questions & we will contact you shortly.

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At Peak Physique & Fitness Gym, we want to work with you, to make a better you!

Peak Physique & Fitness is a new gym in Hitchin, Hertfordshire that caters for anyone over 13 years old, that wants to improve or maintain their physique, general health & lifestyle. The gym features specific weight training areas, cardio workout, separate womens training area, classes & equipment for all stages of fitness, as well as experienced and friendly staff.

You said and we did

You said We did
You said it was hot We installed air conditioning in the studio and fans in the main gym and cardio areas
You requested more equipment We bought more attachments for the cable machines
You said the music was repetitive We Installed spotify Premium so that you can have whatever music you like
Ladies asked for more suitable equipment We bought kettle bells, a stepper and ankle weights
People requested a bigger studio We joined both studios together for a spacious exercise space